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Friedman, Thomas L.: From Beirut to Jerusalem

But in order to make that state economically viable, the Maronites appealed to France to include in it not only their traditional Mt. Lebanon...
A History of God

Armstrong, Karen: A History Of God

Like art, religion has been an attempt to find meaning and value in life, despite the suffering that flesh is heir to. Like any other human...
Islam the West

Ramadan, Tariq: Islam, the West and the Challenges of Modernity

“Our problem is one of spirituality. If a man comes to speak to me about the reforms to be undertaken in the Muslim world, about political...
Catch The Jew!

Tenenbom, Tuvia: Catch The Jew!

I again need religious people to offer me a break from the heady, humorless secular high class. ========== Here’s an item called Shikshukit. What is it?...