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Growing Up In New Guinea

Margaret Mead: Growing Up in New Guinea

“Children are taught to talk through the men’s and older boys love of playing with children. There is no belief that it is necessary to...
Flying the Knife Edge

Matt McLaughlin: Flying the Knife Edge

And the pick of the bunch: a woman’s bra was kalabus bilong susu (kalabus = prison, susu = breast; literally ‘a prison for boobs’). Between 1990 and...

Norma Lenschow: The Enga People

Women generally married outside the clan of their birth, typically into clans of enemies.  “We marry those whom we fight,” explained an Enga leader. Enga...
A Dimdim in Paradise

Andy Fletcher: A Dimdim in Paradise

„I went to Papua New Guinea with Mining giant Conzinc Rio Tinto in 1970 to work for a year in their Bougainville Mine, and fell hopelessly...