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Wallace-Wells, David: The Uninhabitable Earth

The earth has experienced five mass extinctions before the one we are living through now, each so complete a wiping of the fossil record...

McGuire, Bill: Hothouse Earth

What I mean by hothouse Earth, then, is not an ice-free planet, but a world in which lethal heatwaves and temperatures in excess of...

Smith, Will: Will

Are you paying attention to the wall? Or are you paying attention to the brick? Whether it was acing the tests to get accepted...

Engebrigtsen, Ada I.: Exploring Gypsiness

The Roma did not understand our problem. ‘Just say that your car has broken down, say you have no petrol, just lie’ was their...

Al Aswany, Alaa: The Yacoubian Building

Then he would bring his speech to an end by cursing Abd el Nasser, who had introduced free education, or quote as authority the...

Lamott, Anne: Bird by Bird

In seventh and eighth grades I still weighed about forty pounds. I was twelve years old and had been getting teased about my strange...
Life on Earth

Attenborough, David: Life on Earth

Using this method we can estimate that the Last Universal Common Ancestor of all life on earth – commonly known as LUCA, and basically...
Deer Hunting with Jeasus

Bageant, Joe: Deer Hunting with Jesus

When the middle-class citizens of Winchester or of the new suburbs of America—the 20 percent or so of Americans whose lives most closely resemble...

Barrett, Lisa Feldman: Seven And A Half Lessons About The Brain

Why did a brain like yours evolve? That question is not answerable because evolution does not act with purpose—​there is no “why.” But we...

Kolbert, Elizabeth: The Sixth Extinction

If there is danger in the human trajectory, it is not so much in the survival of our own species as in the fulfillment...

Mounk, Yascha: The People vs. Democracy

But once a country was both affluent and democratic, it proved incredibly stable. Argentina had experienced a military coup in 1975, when its gross...

Jeremy Clarkson: Round the bend

Très bien – a plumber in a tux – Citroën Berlingo Multispace „It’s also true, of course, that Parisian women are very elegant, but I...

Clarkson, Jeremy: Driven to Distraction

Whee, it’s a tax-dodging style guru’s dream ride (Nissan Navara) “In theory what you try to do in PR is raise awareness and shape public...

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